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“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve celebrated the International Day for Monuments and Sites

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Within the framework of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, on April 18, 2016  in “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve a temporary exhibition, entitled “Lion and Bull hunt in the Ancient Near East”  was exhibited, dedicated to the heritage of sport. The event launched with the welcoming speech of the director of “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve, president of  ICOMOS/Armenia NGO Mr. G. Gyurjyan. Congratulating the professional day of the heritage guards, Mr. Gyurjyan made reference to the history of sport, to its development, which was partially reflected in the exhibition.

Mr. Vahram Kajoyan, Secretary General of the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO, Mr. Ruben Hovhannisyan, the head of Culture and Tourism department of staff of Yerevan municipality, Mr. Armen Abroyan, the head of agency for protection of monuments of history and culture, Mr. Robert Minasyan, director of  Tourism Institute, also come up with welcoming speeches.

Congratulating the International Day for Monuments and Sites, Mr. R. Hovhannisyan spoke about the new exhibition and emphasized that the Armenians are one of the nations  that in all spheres, including in sport, have a rich heritage. Mr. V. Kajoyan found the theme of the exhibition symbolic and  consistent with the victory of the Armenians in the imposed war situation in the last days  as well as with the achievements of Armenian weightlifters. He mentioned, that it is very important  to preserve and pass our rich heritage to the future generations and in this regard “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is  carrying out  an important work by preserving and  popularizing our heritage.

By the initiative of ICOMOS, this year the International Day for Monuments and Sites is celebrated within the context  of “Heritage of Sport”.  The exhibition, organized by the “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve and ICOMOS/Armenia NGO, within the framework of the International Day for Monuments and Sites, will run until May 8, 2016.