The Schoolchildren of a Regional School surprised for the Knowledge of Their Native Village Monuments




In the framework of  EU Eastern Partnership  Culture Program the  ‘’Regional Cooperation for Cultural Heritage Development’’is  realized in Georgia Ukraine and  Armenia.  In "Erebuni" historical &  archaeological museum- reserve under the municipality of Yerevan are carried out  thematic educative  seminars for middle–age schoolchildren.

Today’s participants were  17  schoolchildren  from Akunk  Secondary School,  Kotayk region, community Akunk who visited Erebuni site for the first time. They were marked out with their knowledge of Armenian  monuments especially with the history of their native village monuments. Some of them  told stories  heard from the old people about the antiquities found near the village. They even expressed opinion that in ancient times  there was  a cyclopean fortress vicinity the village. One of the schoolgirls introduced how her grandmother and mother bake ‘’lavash’’ and pass on this culture to the young people.

The participants have  confessed that this is their first visit to the archaeological site and they are impressed greatly by  Erebuni  fortress. At the end of the seminar accompanying teachers ensured that the knowledge got from seminars will be passed on to the other schoolchildren in the ’’open lesson’’.

The participants, of  the  last seminar intended for the schoolchildren, will be the pupils of  N 82 Yerevan school, tomorrow ,October 5, 2012. This project is funded by European Union



"Erebuni" historical &  archaeological museum- reserve