The Education and Culture Side by Side In support of EU




Within educational projects funded by EU 2 thematic seminars on cultural and archaeological heritage will be held for school teachers in ‘’Erebuni’’ Historical & Archaeological museum-reserve on October 16 and 18. The first group is formed by 15 teachers of N 29, 42, 54, 83, 148, 149 and 182 senior schools, Arabkir and Centre administrative districts.



Taking into consideration that in modern world general education is intended to be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, seminars aim to support the cultural heritage pedagogy integration at school.

The seminars will touch upon heritage concepts and the role of a teacher in the context of actions directed to the heritage recognition. At the same time will be commented the legislative framework of heritage preservation on national and international levels. ‘’Archaeological Heritage.  Erebuni’’ thematic seminar will be concentrated on problems of preservation and history of  Erebuni fortress-homeland of Yerevan. This aims to suggest the teachers that   they sow the responsibility among the children as an inhabitant of historical town since school years.  The organizers are looking forward to an effective dialogue between school and   heritage professionals in favor of heritage awareness.

The thematic seminars are prepared in the frame of "Regional Cooperation for Culture Heritage Development" project, implemented within the European Commission Eastern Partnership Culture Programme, in cooperation with "ICOMOS/Armenia" NGO in a close partnership with the Ministry of Science and Education, RA.  “Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is the associate partner of the project.

The project is implemented in Georgia (ICOMOS, Georgia, the Leading Partner), Armenia  (ICOMOS/Armenia, partner) and Ukraine ("Architectura I Prestizh", partner).

“Erebuni” Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve